Crash Proof Retirement System


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Crash Proof Retirement™
Absence of Market Risk or Fees

Crash Proof Retirement™ is a new approach to retirement, designed to adapt to the many new challenges that face retirees today. It is a system that emphasizes preserving wealth, planning for longevity and a complete absence of market risk or ongoing investment fees. The Crash Proof Retirement™ System was created by Phil Cannella in the wake of the recent market crashes that devastated retirement accounts across the country. It is now utilized by First Senior Financial Group, the firm he founded, which has protected over 400 million dollars in retirement assets over the past three years without a single client ever losing a penny to the risks and fees of Wall Street. Crash Proof Retirement™ means more than just a retirement strategy, it means peace of mind. Contact Us


Crash Proof Retirement™
Guarantees Growth of Assets

Crash Proof Retirement™ is built from a variety of investment vehicles handpicked for the system due to their adherence to Crash Proof™ investment principles , the core of which ensures that each investment is 100% resilient to the dangers and volatility of securities investments. Each and every product incorporated in a Crash Proof Retirement™ guarantees growth of assets while never exposing the nest egg you have worked a lifetime accumulating to the risks associated with the securities industry, which have ruined retirements overnight. Contact Us


Crash Proof Retirement™
Designed to Achieve Financial Goals

Each Crash Proof™ client that goes through FSFG’s consumer advocacy educational process is asked to assess their goals and desires in retirement. After the client has spent a minimum of three appointments learning the Crash Proof Retirement™ System, the FSFG salaried design team creates a personalized Crash Proof Retirement Guide™ using the portion of your nest egg that you simply cannot afford to risk, and grows it in a system that has proven to be the safest in the industry. Each Crash Proof Retirement Guide™ is built specifically for the individual and is designed to achieve all of the financial goals targeted by that client. Contact Us


1 st Appointment – Evaluation & Education

On your first appointment, you’ll meet with one of our highly-trained elite advisors. Be sure to bring your financial statements, your questions and concerns, and any advisor or family member that you wish. We will answer all of your questions, and explain our process. We’ll then give you an idea of how we can help you achieve your dream of a secure retirement.


2 nd Appointment – Examination & Engagement

If you decide to engage with us, our salaried design team will review and analyze your full financial data, and create a personalized Crash Proof Retirement Guide™ detailing our comprehensive blueprint for you. This process takes us approximately 18 hours to complete.


3 rd Appointment – Your crash proof retirement guide™

At the third appointment, your advisor will present your personalized Crash Proof Retirement Guide™. It will offer recommendations for your income, estate planning, and long term care needs, while taking into account your tax situation and goals. You’ll decide if you want to implement the plan and begin realizing the benefits.


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