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What is Crash Proof Retirement™?

Crash Proof Retirement™ is a proven way to grow and preserve 100% of your principal investment with no up-front costs, no market risk and no recurring fees. Used exclusively by First Senior Financial Group, this one-of-a-kind strategy has already performed positively through the Crash of 2008 by utilizing the often misunderstood Crash Proof Vehicles™ that are guaranteed and customized to address your financial concerns and goals throughout your retirement. As consumer advocates, our licensed Retirement Educators focus on developing your financial literacy and building your confidence to make informed decisions regarding income planning, tax planning, and estate planning.


What are Crash Proof Vehicles?

There are two classes of investments to choose from: Risk-Class and Fixed-Class.
Click here to read about the differences between the Risk-Class and Fixed-Class

Crash Proof Retirement™ only utilizes investments from the Fixed-Class that contain features that benefit the consumer, not the advisor. For example, in addition to crediting interest and never losing principle, the Crash Proof Vehicles™:

  • Are protected from Bankruptcy
  • Are tax-deferred
  • Give you access to your money at any time
  • Allow your beneficiaries to receive the investment’s full growth at your passing

Crash Proof Vehicles™ are investment contracts that were created in 1995 and are issued by Insurance companies.

The Wharton School of Business concluded a study in 2010 on the performance of these investment contracts and stated that they couldn’t be placed in an existing investment product category. We refer to them as Crash Proof Vehicles™ due to their hallmark feature of asset growth while never losing investment principal to market risk or recurring fees.


Crash Proof Retirement™ Consumer-Driven Process

First Senior Financial Group is the only firm in the country with the rights to use the Crash Proof Retirement™ Strategy. While most other investment companies work with all age groups, our licensed Retirement Educators work exclusively with retirees and are required to attend intense continuing education courses on the details of income planning, tax planning, and estate planning. Typically, the Crash Proof Retirement™ Consumer-Driven Process requires three appointments; however, our team will be with you every step of the way until you feel comfortable enough to make an informed decision.


  • • First Appointment

    An Evaluation of Your Financial Health
    Be prepared to address your concerns and goals by bringing any life insurance or long-term care policy documentation as well as any financial statements you receive so that we can perform an accurate assessment and tailor or process to your particular needs.

    We do not want to see any account numbers, pin numbers, or personal security information.
    It is our policy that we do not protect ALL of your money with Crash Proof Vehicles™ because we believe there is value in having true diversification throughout your portfolio.
    There are NO thresholds. We will work with any asset level.
    We also encourage you to bring family members, your advisor, or anyone you trust to any appointment so they too can get educated on these Crash Proof Vehicles™.

  • • Second Appointment

    An Education on How Crash Proof Retirement™ Will Work For You
    Our licensed Retirement Educator will educate you on the ins and outs of the Crash Proof Retirement™ Strategy.

    • You will understand how the Insurance Industry is able to grow and preserve 100% of your principle investment with no up-front costs, no market risk, and no recurring fees.
    • You will understand how the Crash Proof Vehicles™ typically perform over time.
    • You will understand how to incorporate long-term care and life insurance goals into your plan.

    When you fully understand every aspect surrounding the Crash Proof Retirement™ Strategy, you can then tell our team to begin construction on your very own Crash Proof Retirement™ Guide.

  • • Third Appointment

    A Personalized Financial Prescription
    Our licensed Retirement Educator will present to you, your very own, tailor-made Crash Proof Retirement™ Guide (CPRG)

    All CPRGs are assembled by our non-commission, salaried Design Team. Without the incentive to pick out the higher commissioned investments, this Design Team operates with a fiduciary responsibility, keeping your best interests in mind, analyzing your portfolio and matching the features of the selected Crash Proof Vehicles™ to your specific goals.

    You will receive your CPRG in a clear, easy-to-understand graphical blueprint as well as in writing, with our CEO’s signature at the bottom.
    The Head Analyst in charge of overseeing the construction of your CPRG will be available to answer all of your questions, making sure you understand exactly how the CPRG will work for you.

    At that point, it is 100% your decision to implement the Crash Proof Retirement™ Guide.
    After implementation and upon receipt of the contracts, you still have a 30-day free-look provision if you, for any reason, would like to reconsider.

    Crash Proof Retirement™ has sustained retirement growth and preservation for thousands of investors. Click here to hear from those who have already received their Crash Proof Retirement™ education.


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